Daily rental apartments in trivandrum

Trivandrum is developing drastically with more and more IT infrastructure business organizations and now big shopping malls also. so the moving population in trivandrum is also getting a raise. that demands a good number of staying options running on a daily or weekly basis stay. there are many tourist homes and small hotels in the […]

Flats for daily rent in Trivandrum

Trivandrum is a city with lot of headquarters and central offices of many organizations. the biggest such place is the IT companies. there are more than 500 IT companies operating from Trivandrum and IT Giants like TCS, Infosys, UST Global, RM Education, IBS Software, Alliance etc having their major workforce here. So many people are […]

Flats for daily rent in trivandrum

Trivandrum is the capital city of kerala, which consists lots of facilities including both the international airport and a domestic airports, The biggest IT park in India – Technopark, Infosys campus, TCS campus etc…big convention and wedding centres like Al-saj convention centre, Govt offices and headquarters, tourist places like kovalam and world famous padmanabha swami […]